New teaching methods and tools on education through sport
Sport Management competences

The aim of our team is to develop projects to support and improve the use of non-formal education and sport, in combination, as a tool for education, social inclusion, mutual understanding, entrepreneurial development, leadership Throughout its work IEC uses science to deliver solutions, which are comprehensive and innovative. We believe that lack of knowledge and an inability to reach knowledge creates fragile societies. Starting from this principle the IEC team:

  • Works to develop a strong scientific basis for knowledge, promoting the innovative tools
  • Identifies gaps in the society and develops ways to encourage young people to adopt alternative approaches
  • Develops working examples of sustainable societies as alternatives to strict regulations
  • Supports organisations working in youth work by sharing knowledge and resources, helping them to find sustainable-use solutions based on sound science
  • Uses projects as tools to achieve long-term goals, not as ends in themselves
  • And, most important of all, IEC aims to achieve effective results through efficient partnerships, not individual successes

In order to achieve our aims, we organize a wide scope of different activities, taking place from local to international scales. These activities include workshops, seminars, team-building activities and training courses.

Through wise use of sound science and innovation, Innovative Education Center aims to attain goals of increasing young people’s knowledge on inclusion, diversity and anti-racism, digital age, innovation, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, equality, democracy, justice, sports, environment and identity.

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  • European Commission
  • Erasmus+ in Österreich!
  • ADEL Slovakia
  • The Nature Conservation Centre (DKM)
  • Bulgarian sports development association