We are working with youngsters to establish sustainable cities

As The Innovative Education Center we take important step towards establishing sustainable cities by protecting nature starting from the center of our cities.

Initiating sustainable cities not only helps t conservative natural areas but also engage young people to activities in nature, spend more time around forests, green areas, waters and lakes.

We believe that in order to attain our global goal of establishing sustainable cities, and thus to improving the life quality and public health of the society, we need to focus on empowering the youth on becoming knowledgeable and skilled on sustainability and nature conservation topics, on the way to becoming active citizens promoting these issues in their life.

We aim at re-establishing the link people and nature to contribute to improvements in public health in the city and to conservation of natural areas in the city through focusing on youth of the city. We believe learning about nature around us is an essential component of establishing this link.

You may see some pictures from our nature hosts events.

We encourage young participants to download Inaturalist application to their smartphones and upload pictures of plants, insects and animals to the application to learn more about nature and species.

Website: https://www.inaturalist.org/

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