Opportunities for young people

Are you 13 to 30 years old? Would you like to travel abroad for few days to learn and improve on personal and professional level?

Great opportunity to improve your English. All the activities are in English.

Great opportunity to meet new people of your age around Europe, developing connections and friendships.

You will widen your knowledge about cultures far and near from us.

What are our projects about?

Our projects abroad are organized in various topics such as democracy, sport, healthy lifestyle, environment, disability, anti-racism, cultural diversity, personal development, LGBT and many more.

  • Promoting the fundamental European values to young people, in particular respect for human dignity, equality, respect for human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination, including young people with fewer opportunities;
  • Fostering the mobility of young people in Europe;
  • Developing intercultural learning within the youth field;
  • Encouraging initiative, enterprise and creativity;
  • Providing non-formal and informal learning opportunities with a European dimension and creating innovative opportunities in connection with active citizenship, especially for the young people with fewer opportunities.

Various topics of educational projects abroad: Animals, Art, Dance, Music, Drama and theater, Democracy, Active citizenship, Entrepreneurship, Employability, Environmental protection, Health, Healthy lifestyle, History, Human rights, Innovation, Leadership, LGBT issues, Media, Communication, Social media, Religion and beliefs, Sports and games, Sustainable development, Urban and Rural development Volunteering.

What is Erasmus+ Youth Exchange?

What will you learn and improve from our projects?

  • improved learning performance;
  • increased self-empowerment and self-esteem;
  • increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
  • improved foreign language competences;
  • enhanced intercultural awareness;
  • Better awareness of the European project and the EU values;
  • increased motivation for taking part in future (formal/ non-formal) education or training after the mobility period abroad;
  • active participation in society;
  • enhanced employ-ability and improved career prospects

How much does it cost?

With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

EU program Erasmus+ will cover your travel, your stay, and the food during the whole project.

Who can participate in the educational projects?

Young people between 13 and 30 years old. You can be student, you can be working, you can be also searching for the job. Everybody can participate. If you are older than 30, you can still join as leader of group. 🙂

How to apply?

You can register in our database or like and follow us on Facebook or Instagram and receive the latest open-calls for interesting and fun learn-by-doing expedience Youth Exchanges as well as Training courses, Seminar, Forums, Internships or volunteering opportunities.

Register here: https://bit.ly/myprojectabroad