Youth work

Adolescence is a significant transition period and a unique window of opportunity to shape the healthy and successful development of future generations. Youngsters are the future. They should have the opportunity to fully participate in diverse and tolerant society and preventing marginalization by acquiring the right skills, to be able to find or create rewarding job, and creating value for themselves and their community. By creating an enabling and equitable environment through non-formal and informal learning, where young people can exercise their skills, knowledge and leadership, they are able to step into new roles and lead the change themselves. At the same time, our economy is changing. New technologies, ways of working or migration impact places and communities, bringing both new opportunities and challenges.
New technologies emerged rapidly. Young people spend increasing amount of the time consuming digital media and technologies. Innovative Education Center believes that Youth work should embrace technological developments and support young people to develop the skills, competences and courage to actively shape digital technologies and society. There is also huge potential within the youth work sector to enhance and innovate practice through the use of digital technology and media (not only social media) and to use non formal and informal learning to help young people to create digital content and shape the digital world of the future.
What is digital youth work?
Digital youth work means proactively using or addressing digital media and technology in youth work. Digital youth work is not a youth work method – digital youth work can be included in any youth work setting (open youth work, youth information and counselling, youth clubs, detached youth work, etc.). Digital youth work has the same goals as youth work in general, and using digital media and technology in youth work should always support these goals. Digital youth work can happen in face-to-face situations as well as in online environments – or in a mixture of these two. Digital media and technology can be either a tool, an activity or a content in youth work. Digital youth work is underpinned by the same ethics, values and principles as youth work. Youth workers in this context refer to both paid and volunteer youth workers.