Hike together

According to the results of the latest Eurobarometer survey on sport and physical activity, almost half of respondents (46%) never exercise or play sport and the number of Europeans who never exercise or play sport has increased from 42% to 46%, and this is a continuation of a gradual trend since 2009. Northern Europe is more physically active than the South and East. In particular Austria 40%, Bulgaria 68%, Italy 62% and Croatia 56%. 15% of Europeans do not walk for 10 minutes at a time at all in a weekly period, and 12% sit for more than 8.5 hours per day.

Hiking is a physical activity increasing participation in physical exercise by several reasons: it can be done whole year around, it does not require special skills, facilities or expensive equipment, it has health benefits and low risk of injury and walking itself is physical activity to begin and maintain as a past of physically active lifestyle. Hiking offers many health benefits like controlled obesity, gives a cardio workout (stronger workout by using poles) or cardiovascular activity that increase heart rate and fasten breathing by inhaling fresh air, hiking on uneven terrain works muscles while improving balance and stability and increases the amount of energy your body uses by 28% compared to walking on flat ground, 90-minute hike in nature has dramatic effect on the brain and the way we feel. Just one hour of hiking can burn well over 500 calories.

Hiking itself is promoting social inclusion by not giving barriers to participation in the physical activity. Participating in hiking, joining mountain clubs or groups are examples of ways in which young people can participate in their community, learn new skills, and socialize beyond their family boundaries.

Project Hike together contributes to raising awareness of the importance of health benefits of physical activity through walking in nature – as a natural exercise through increased participation in hiking and trekking. Project Hike together is more focused on young people from disadvantage background, to promote hiking and walking in the nature is a basic to many sporting activities, well-being and fitness. European project Hike together is an opportunity to examine and reflect upon the issues around inclusion from different perspectives, to learn from different countries and cultures by sharing knowledge about new ways of working, and to clarify ideas around a common understanding of inclusion. It will also help to build a wider and better European network to tackle the challenges around how to be more inclusive within Europe.

Specific goals of Hike together project:

  • To increase the knowledge, acquire new knowledge and experience of using hiking as a tool for social inclusion of young people from disadvantage background and promotion of equal opportunities and bringing together people, regardless of their age, sex, origin, financial status, etc.
  • To create an innovative network of professionals, devoted to active living from different parts of Europe, who will be committed to the project not only during project life, but also after the project end with development and growing network of mountain guides.
  • Raise awareness on the added value of hiking and physical activities in relation to the personal, professional and social development of individuals through all planned project activities, in particular with the dissemination events will implement in the partner countries as well as local hiking events.
  • to promote access to volunteering in sport and strengthen volunteers skills and management of activities related to nature environment of hiking clubs and improving their role as a professional providers of services in local communities.

4 international meetings + 4 hikes in 4 countries will wider the network and start to build bridges with other organizations working in the field of mountaineering, sport and youth.

Join us and become part of the Hike together project.

Hike in Austria on 24.-27. September 2020 – Zell am See The area of Zell am See and Kaprun offers some of the best hiking in Austria, and is a great destination for families. The hiking around Zell am See is known primarily for its glacier on the Kitzsteinhorn mountain, however the area has loads more to offer – especially when it comes to hiking! landmark mountain offers the perfect adventure for every type of hiker! What accompanies you on every hike on the Schmittenhöhe? The stunning view of Lake Zell and more than 30 three-thousand-metre summits. The variety of trails – many of them special themed trails – make the Schmitten a true paradise for hikers in the Pinzgau region.

Register to join Hike together project and meet us in first international meeting in Zell am See here: http://bit.ly/hiketogetherkickoff

Hike in Croatia 17-20. June 2021 – Rijeka and the surroundings have over forty arranged paths and various types of hiking trails. The cleverly designed network of paths of the city of Rijeka, with which it is possible to visit the most important features of the city, continues onto some of the well-known hiking trails of Rijeka and the surroundings. A city walk effortlessly turns into a walk along the sea, a day’s walking along the forest paths or even the serious conquering of the mountain peaks from where the whole of Kvarner can be seen.  National Park Risnjak, one of Croatias best kept secrets! See the famous Schlosser hut, optionally scramble to the top of the rocks and see the sea on clear days. Hike back and hike to source of river Kupa, magnificen dark green colour water source erupting from deep depth of earth! Return by evening back to Zagreb, where the tour ends. This is a long lasting day, feeling as two! Infopack for meeting here.

Hike in Bulgaria in July/August 2021 – Vitosha Mountains and Cherni Vryh Peak (2290m). Mount Vitosha is one of the most adored and visited mountain in Bulgaria. It is the first  officially declared Nature Park on the Balkans to protect alpine meadows, century-old forests and peat bogs. The dome-shaped mountain is crisscrossed by many walking trails, but the most scenic area is the Plateau and the highest peak named Cherni Vrah (2290m/7625ft.)

Hike in Italy in November/December 2021- Monte Conero is a small slice of paradise on the Adriatic coast. This beautiful “almost-mountain” (it is only a few meters short of being technically a mountain), it is beautiful, green and lush, and overlooks the sea while embraced by the Riviera of the same name. There are 18 different pathways to discover Mount Conero on foot. Starting from the medieval town of Sirolo, at the foot of the Conero, you will go back through the path of the old stone quarries, up to panoramic balconies at Pian Grande and Raggetti Plateu.

Coordinator from Austria

 Innovative Education Center

Innovative Education Center aspires to create a community built on collaboration, innovation, creativity, and belonging. Our collective success depends on the robust exchange of ideas – an exchange that is best when the rich diversity of our perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences flourishes. To achieve this exchange, it is essential that all members of the community feel secure and welcome, that the contributions of all individuals are respected, and that all voices are heard. We believe diversity drives innovation. We’re building a culture where difference is valued. We’re passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity. We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. More importantly, creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work is the right thing to do.

Partner  from Bulgaria

Bulgarian Sports Development Association

Bulgarian Sports Development Association was founded in 2010 and is a nonprofit public benefit organization devoted to the development of Bulgarian sport and improving sporting culture in Bulgaria! Bulgarian sports development association has extensive experience in the field of youth activities, sports events and trainings. Young athletes and volunteers are an essential part of the team of the Association and for our team capacity building of Bulgarian youth and sport experts is a top priority. Over the years we have organized a variety of events focused in the development of sport and physical activity and implementing of good practices on local level in our country. Each team member is committed to the development of sport and has solid background in various aspects of management, administration and organization of NGO and entrepreneurial sector. Team members has participated in multiple trainings and initiatives under the program Youth in Action and Erasmus+

Partner from Croatia

Rijeka Sport’s Association,

Rijeka Sport’s Association, allying all sporting clubs within the City of Rijeka, in accordance with art.48 of Sports Act, is the promoter of the Programme of public sports programme co-funding in the City of Rijeka, which is presented through the City administration department for sports and technical culture to the government of the City of Rijeka and to the City Council of Rijeka for adoption. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, the local Government is obliged to foster the development of sports; to this end, funds are allocated out of the City of Rijeka annual budget for sporting activities co-funding and the City government’s commitment in this respect is clearly expressed in the Programme of public sports programme co-funding.

Partner from Italy

Iniziativa Democratica

Iniziativa Democratica is a non-governmental organization, founded on March 2011 and registered on October 2012 in Italy. Members of the organization are actively involved in organizing and creating youth projects based on non-formal and formal education, such as seminars, personal development and coaching trainings, youth exchanges, participated in verity of projects in Italy and abroad.  Iniziativa Democratica mission is the spreading active citizenship (especially European one), Human Rights and legality. Iniziativa Democratica work at local, national, European and international level and works mainly with youngsters because they believe young people can change the world (better).

Hike together project has been co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission – Sport chapter and it is a collaborative partnership that will work together for 24 months, starting from 01/01/2020 and includes 4 countries: Austria – Innovative education center, Bulgaria – Bulgarian sports development association, Croatia – Riječki Sportski Savez, Italy – Iniziativa Democratica. With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union