Eco-friendly sports triathlon

In August 2020 group of young people from different countries living, studying and working in Vienna participated in Eco-friendly sports triathlon. Our Eco-friendly sports triathlon was multi race activity at Alte Donau (Old Danube).

  1. Activity: 10.00 – 13.00 Hiking: 8 km in Alte Donau
  2. Activity: 13.00 – 14.00 Pedaling: 2 hours on pedal boats
  3. Activity: Meanwhile cleaning the river bank and water surface.

The urban hike started at Alte Donau (U1 metro). Meeting point was just in front of the metro station. From there we have crossed Kagraner brucke (bridge) and followed river bank of Old Danube down to Gedenkstein. The rest of the hike went on the other site of the lake towards Kaiserm├╝hlen. At 13.00 we have collected pedal boats in Booteria, Sunken city and checked the river surface. River was clean and we did not find any floating litters and plastic. We would even recommend to take a bath in the Alte Donau in Vienna.